Tools Up! Is a pretty interesting and enjoyable party game from All in Games and I have to say the premise is pretty great I just wish that there was an online mode to play with friends over the internet.    Tools up!

There is only one issue I’ve had with the game to date and that is the controls are very finicky a lot of the time the controls won’t register unless pressed in rapid succession at least for me on the Keyboard. This could just be a simple bug in the software as my initial gameplay did not give me any large issues.

Tools Up! Is meant to be played with a group of people through local co-op which is what makes it a pretty fun Party Game like The Jackbox Party Pack. But if you’re incapable of having friends over like I am due to COVID-19 they also got a single-player mode as well.Painting the house

The gameplay is fairly straight forward you go into a home, look at the blueprints that have been left for you and you must accomplish the tasks on the blueprints before the time expires. You can only rotate the camera angle however while holding the blueprint and when you toss three other players into the mix trying to accomplish the various stages. The short version is things tend to get very hectic and very confusing very quickly.

Design-wise Tools Up! Is very well designed outside of the small issue I experienced on the keyboard while trying to play. Laying the carpetThe music is very fitting for the game in setting up a very goofy atmosphere where you and several of your friends can play probably while drunk and just laugh and have a good time.

Conclusively I think Tools Up! Is a fairly solid game and even greater with friends so be sure to pour a few out, order a pizza and stay in quarantine with your family, and have a good time in Tools Up local co-op mode.

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