Superliminal logo Superliminal, is a strange and unusual game but one of the best games I’ve ever played it’s a bit like Portal, or Portal 2 minus the lies about cake and all the murder.

That's a big chess piece in the hallThe whole premise of Superliminal is to teach people that how they perceive a situation is their reality of the situation in the hopes to teach people a new way to cope and comprehend other answers to the problems they face in real life. This is why you play a character who signed up for a sleep study so they can subconsciously work through issues like these in their mind while they’re asleep.

As you’re introduced to the game it gives you easy scenarios to help you understand the premise of the game before you’re introduced to the difficult levels of the game. It’s these moments where you need to confront serious issues by changing your perception of reality.

Superliminal isn’t an ordinary game it’s a puzzle game that makes you think, and challenges your way of thinking but in a light-hearted manner similar to Portal, which is something I loved just how it approached such a concept in a bold manner.

As an example, you are presented with a button and you need to place a weight on the button to progress and much like the old brain teasers from middle school. Where you are in an empty room and the only way to get out is to see what you saw so you could see your way out. Superliminal takes a similar approach where you can see the exit sign but if you grab it from far away. The exit sign remains small, however, if you alter your perception and approach the exit sign closely before picking it up the sign is large enough to fit onto the buttons.Superliminal life is about perspective

It’s this premise that the game followers through its entire story, you need to change how you view a situation, and in doing so will you be presented with new options for how to solve it.

Chess piece in the hallwayThe narrative for the game is equally as straight forward it just reminds you that you’re in a dream and it begins to go full inception on you. But if you end up in a dream that’s inside of a dream you will be forever stuck in a dream which then leads to the fact that you need to see things differently to escape from your dream.

Okay, so in a very short summary, it’s basically Inception meets Portal with a bit of the imagination station that you get if you ever visit Disney’s Epcot in Orlando, Florida. (This is not a paid sponsor just a close simile I can give.)

The game is fairly short, I was able to beat it in roughly three hours and if you got time to kill I’d say it is worth picking up. Maybe challenge your friends to see if they can think outside the box both figuratively and literally, Superminal is a wonderful game.

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