Green Hell is one of the most unique survival games I’ve played out of titles like Minecraft and The Forest. I have to say I’ve enjoyed Green Hell the most simply because of its difficulty in surviving even in the easiest of settings.

The only gripe I have about Green Hell is the controls, and crafting system. I know it’s a survival game and crafting is an essential part of survival. You have to make your own tools, and equipment and you have to know how to take care of yourself.Green Hell you need water

Green Hell has one of the most confusing and convoluted key layouts where your health, stamina, and overall statistics aren’t displayed on the screen like in The Forest and other survival games. Instead, it’s displayed on a watch your character wears.

Navigating everything in Green Hell put simply, is a Hell within itself. I get confused and can’t tell if I’m opening my backpack, or throwing a rock, all while trying to check my watch to find out if I’m dehydrated, looking for carbohydrates, or running low on protein. It’s utter confusion at least for me, I know a few people out there really enjoy games like this and probably won’t get as confused as I’ve been.

That is to say the game despite the menus being difficult to navigate isn’t bad, I’ve just had issues with it so please don’t be discouraged if you think about it. The game even has a narrative and co-op mode so you can enjoy it with your friends I can’t really speak much of its co-op mode however as we only have one copy between us all.plan your supplies out

The story, however, is nicely done as it starts out teaching you how to use the notepad you have to find your crafting recipes, but it doesn’t hold your hand either. Green Hell expects you to figure out which button does what and how to build a fire, survival huts, etc.

After the first part of the story, you find yourself thrown into a survival situation with somehow the fate of the world at stake or so they make it seem that way. Not only does the game cover a variety of survival tactics it also covers a very broad array of survival situations from eating rotten food, poisonous mushrooms, and deadly animals all of which could kill you if you’re not careful.Green Hell leaches

No seriously, I died on day one to a snake bite on easy mode the game isn’t messing around I was royally screwed and it was hilarious to watch my character just fumble onto the ground. Survival in the Amazon rain forest is no joke as you got to look out for venomous snakes, wild animals, and even poisonous dart frogs everything that is generally found in the rain forest.

You know, the rainforest was the place we learned about when we were children growing up in elementary schools when the Rain Forest was still a thing. Green Hell is not a game to be taken lightly if you’re into the survival genre of games and considering I’m more attuned to role-playing games and action shooters please don’t hold it against me when I say I sucked at it.

Fighting animals and other such creatures presents its challenges as well, you’re given three basic opinions attack, block, or go for broke and throw whatever you’re holding at them. This same principle can be used for hunting animals and has been quite challenging in collecting food, materials, and other such items for survival.fight for your survival

I’ve enjoyed my time playing it and dying in it, and I recommend it if it sounds like your sort of game check it out! It’s one of the most challenging games I’ve ever played and I actually really recommend it. Visually it’s a wonderful game and the challenge is even more intense. I can only imagine how long my friends and I would last if we were working as a group trying to survive in it.

The only thing I hope they change is how you can check your health; I hope the developers add an option for the stats of your character to be displayed on the screen instead of on a watch. Not suggesting they completely overhaul the mechanic they put in but an option to give a HUD for an easy mode to help newer players get acclimated easier.

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