Devil may Cry HD CollectionDevil May Cry HD Collection is out, and I for one have been excited! I wanted to play this for years as I am a huge fan of Dante’s character. How do the games hold up over all this time though? That’s the big question we want to know how well they port the games; well in terms of its port to the PC onto Steam I would say it’s a smashing success they didn’t even really change anything except the textures, cleaning them up, and re-doing the details to some things. They even kept the all-around blocky appearance you would normally find on games from that era which considering isn’t too displeasing but at the same time it’s not visually stunning as it once was.

Devil may Cry DANTEThe games themselves hold up alright, the controls are the same as they were back then, the audio and voices haven’t been changed either, and all around the games are literally just that a port with High definition textures tossed in place of the original game assets; which is not to say it’s a bad thing it’s just a throwback to the days gone by when your imagination still did a lot of the work for a game. Devil may Cry

However, I should note; that I am sounding a bit negative here. It is purely unintentional as I am absolutely having a wonderful time with these games that old amalgamation of old with a tiny bit of new. There is one thing I do find slightly distasteful about the games and that is simply the controls; as those of the series know Devil May Cry started out as a Resident Evil game but the tone and design didn’t fit so the created Devil May Cry from it which entails that you got a new game with old mechanics like the God awful camera angles that the Resident Evil franchise entailed and I for one was never overjoyed about that.Devil may Cry CATHEDRAL

That is probably my only real negative on the first game at least; now as a collection, there are some issues I should point out, especially if you are a fan of our streams and enjoy watching them then you would notice issues with the launcher we use that being OBS. The game has issues in streaming, and it took a while to get set up initially also as the launcher itself is detected as a game but afterward, the actual game itself is not and the only way to capture it past that point is to do a window capture.Devil may Cry CASTLE

A lot of effort if you plan on streaming such good old classics, the launcher; I should mention also includes concept art, and game soundtracks you can listen to as an added bonus but it makes you wonder if they are a part of the launcher why didn’t Capcom just release them through the Steam Store to make a little extra bang for their buck or in this case why haven’t they just given the CD tracks themselves to play through steams audio player?

But maybe these questions are a bit too much to ask, overall the collection is amazing it’s a throwback to the days gone by when kids could admire a bad-ass hero whose kind, and caring and enjoys strawberry sundaes, the manliest of ice cream sundaes. If you were a fan of the games, the anime adaption, and want to shun the abomination that people refer to as DMC and go back to the roots of a great video game series? Then the Devil May Cry HD collection is the game series for you.

Seriously though, I kinda want a Strawberry Sundae now…

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