Ever wanted to be a Super Hero but could never make the outfit you wanted? I did, and I find it irritating that so many people can cosplay, but I cannot. However an idea came to me, and I realized that there are people who can make it possible for the right price, and as an added bonus my Zentai suit makes me look HILARIOUS because I am overweight.

True, some outfits like Gundam suits are a bit out of their league, but Super Heroes in general are not! Ever wanted to be Spider-Man, Batman, or even (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) Aqua-Man? Then pre-made suits may be the way to go. Even more so if you’re a talentless hack like myself.
A bit about the suit in question:  Batman was my first choice. I have the disposition for it but lack the money. So I ultimately went with Spider-Man. Made entirely of spandex, the suit breathes easily and feels simply amazing. You won’t be gasping for air through the face mask, and the cool breeze wafting through your backside provides comfort, no matter how hot it gets on the convention room floor!

I was worried when I first donned the mask because I could hear some ripping and tearing. But I was later informed that this is normal, as the suit itself is double-stitched to improve integrity. The product handles quite nicely overall and I’m happy I can finally enjoy cosplay, even if I am on the “big” side for a Spider-Man.
Cosplay should not be judged by bodily figure; what you can or can’t “pull off.” It’s about doing what you enjoy. Of course, there are purists who will disagree, but ultimately it boils down to having fun and enjoying an outfit you bought or made.

The great part about owning the suit is that I can experience the best of what it means to be a Super Hero. I visit children in the hospital on “free comic book day”, and am able to cheer them up! They get to read the adventures of Spider-Man while hanging out with the ultimate “ordinary” Spidey!

Another great thing about the suit is how customizable it is. You can order it with a piss zipper, as well as with a detachable hood so you can hang it from the ceiling and make it out with someone, just like in the movies…assuming you can actually hang it upside down for any length of time!
Overall, Zentai suits are worth the price of admission. The quality is amazing and customer support is great. Not many companies go out of their way to help you into just the right suit.

If it’s within your budget, I definitely recommend getting a Zentai suit.
I have a video of mine in action, but since we were banned from YouTube over a glass of orange juice, I will find another way to post it.


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