divingWorld of Diving, Out of all the games I have played that are simulation-based I think World of Diving holds a special place for me. It is a diving simulation game where you can free dive into shipwrecks and explore the ocean floor. As well as lakes and various other places but more than that.world_of_diving_steam_early_access_screenshot_06

It can connect people from around the world who enjoy diving. But moreover, I think its applications in the field of medicine are better. You see one of my parents has a medical condition where they cannot go diving anymore as the pressure from diving would kill them.

As such it is nice to have a way for us to go free diving as a family without needing to leave the house. Although you can still get wet by pouring water into a kiddie pool and sitting in it as you play. selfie610

Honestly, I think this game is one of the best and I have been taken aback by the level of detail found in it. The graphics, the audio, and just how it plays overall are simply amazing.
Do I recommend you check out the game? If you are a fan of diving and can’t go diving anymore or if you just want to explore the ocean without getting your feet wet then this would be the game for you.


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