There are games out there that are hard for me to describe but are really fun to play. There is a game that is so dumb, so silly, and so unusual that I’ve had trouble describing it, and that game is Wobbledogs!

Wobbledogs is unique in the sense that of all the simulation games in which you are taking care of dogs, like Nintendogs. This game implies that these dogs wobble, which they do, and it’s a chaotic masterpiece!Wobbledogs digging up their house

In Wobbledogs you can build their homes and earn items through challenges to decorate their homes, they can also dig up capsules, and you can find random decorations inside them!

You build unique little homes for these Wobbledogs, and you can breed in some sort of Charles Darwin natural selection in which you are Darwin, and you can control their evolutionary path. That’s right! You’re playing God and creating monstrosities from dogs that Wobble!

There is no grand purpose except to goof around and have fun creating more Wobbledogs; after you have acquired an egg and have another dog, you can breed the dogs you have together to create a new wobbledog with evolutionary traits from the dogs mixed!

Where in reality this would take hundreds of years to get certain traits you want for a dog, such as a house training, interacting well with humans, etc. Wobble Dogs lets you do generational breeding so you can narrow down the traits you want in your Wobbledogs, such as having a pink nose, barking really loudly, or being extra cuddly!More Wobbledogs!

The goal besides just having for with your Wobbledogs is that you need to take care of your Wobbledog. It is important that your dogs get to sleep, keep them fed and maintain a not-so-clean environment which affects how they evolve. And so much like playing a game of the Sims, their survival rests upon your shoulders. Since it’s a doggo, the damage can quickly become emotional damage! If you let the dog pass away because everyone loves doggos!

Now a thing you should make note of is that your Wobbledogs evolve much like a Caterpie on steroids; they evolve like Pokemon. Through their unique breeding system. Some can even develop wings, frog-like tails, or look like lizards. Everything happening around your Wobbledog can change how they develop and help cause new traits to form.

Wobbledogs is chaos in its purest gaming form. Whereas it is not as; serious as The Sims but is more fun because of it. This goofy little game is a game you can relax and enjoy. It is fun to play on streams, as so many people have been doing.

It’s a sandbox game. So if you have ever played games like The Sims, Minecraft, Pet Simulators, and even Spore, I know you will most likely enjoy playing Wobbledogs, and best of all! It is not; made by EA games! So you know it is not going away anytime soon!How to breed your dogs

There is just so much happening in Wobbledogs that it could take hours to play and discover all; that it has to offer. But that is part of its charm as a simulation game with crazy accordion-shaped doggos that can grow wings.

It goes without saying that the game is enjoyable and fun for the right audience. It is a very peaceful game and very relaxing. Some Steam reviews even say it is free therapy, as you can watch the doggos for hours to see what they would do when left to their own devices.

Wobbledogs comes highly recommended by me, and I recommend you check it out on Steam sometime!

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