Walking Dead: A New FrontierSkybound is known for creating wonderful comics and possibly their biggest hit The Walking Dead, which has spawned a great television show, and for us most importantly the Telltale series from that, we now have our season three! Walking Dead: A New Frontier!

Following the story of Clementine and her journey in the world inhabited by zombies, she begins to grow into a young beautiful woman who can still pop a cap into someone’s arse when the need arises, and honestly, its been a roller coaster just watching her grow up from her experiences with Lee in season one and her adventures with Kenny in season two.Walking Dead: A New Frontier Now we get to go on the emotional roller coaster again as she has to traverse the zombie-filled wastelands again with new friends and allies trying to protect herself and them as well. How time and the times have changed a once fairly wide-eyed girl into a person who has to struggle each day for her own survival.

Walking Dead: A New FrontierLike all Telltale titles I am not fond of the control styles and it’s fairly linear story-telling, but that is because I’ve played so many at this point what I do love so far is the story. There is just something about the Walking Dead that keeps dragging me back, not the show but the Telltale experience. I am deathly afraid of the undead and for the most part, it pushes me away from the show although I have watched it. But The Walking Dead franchise mixed with the way Telltale shows the story off is wonderful.

Walking Dead: A New FrontierPlaying through A New Frontier I still encounter the same situations would you expect, but it ultimately becomes more of a refreshing moment rather than a tiresome en-devour. Because now the stakes are higher with only your family at stake the game makes you choose what you would do to protect them.

Like its predecessor’s music for the most part isn’t really a crucial part of the game, for most of the game it’s basic linear story-telling but the void of sound helps set the tone even more for the game because you are in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies are everywhere and the biggest threat you face is each other.

People replace the sense of kindness with cruelty to get by and to try to survive against the new frontier. But really though it is just so nice to see Clementine alive after all these years and still taking care of that baby in tow aiming to keep herself and the kid safe as they blow people and zombies’ brains out.

In conclusion, though the game is pretty nice, and considering its Walking Dead title again from Telltale I didn’t really need to say that, the titles generally speak for themselves and they remain a staple of enjoyment in the games we play.



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