Superhot LogoOut of all the games I’ve played Superhot was something that always had my interest, but I never did get a copy of it. But when Superhot VR came out, it instantly had my attention and after playing it, the media is very right in all the hype it generates. I love the gameplay, looking around gauging my enemies and the moves I have to make, thinking out some insane but effective means to not only dodge the bullets that are flying at me, but also the people coming at me with knives, and other weapons as well.Superhot VR dodge this

So, let’s break into why I love Superhot VR, like the main game, time only moves when you’re moving ergo if you stand perfectly still nothing will hurt you, however, you won’t be able to hurt your enemies either. But! Since you’re in a VR game even moving your head ever so slightly in any way will cause everything to move even at its slowest pace, the benefit of this is that you can go full Neo from the Matrix! Unlike in life where we’d probably be shot and killed on the spot… But that’s why we got VR! There I’m laying back in full limbo mode while several bullets fly over my body in slow motion as I then try to grab the gun from the guy’s hand, turn it on him, then turn and shoot him in the chest while also then turning as slowly as I can to shoot the several other people firing at me, while I then try to continue Matrix dodging my way out of this wonderful, but insane unraveling situation all to advance towards the next stage of the level I’m playing in.

It is physically exhausting mainly because I’m somewhat round as most people whose seen me on video know, so I am working up a sweat playing Superhot VR, like going to the gym except it’s actually fun and I’m enjoying myself while also in my living room, the game challenges me physically and makes me think of how I can get out of the situations I’m in while also looking incredibly badass while doing it, to which end I’m surprised they haven’t added a replay function where you can watch yourself from a third person perspective be incredibly badass to show off to your friends until they realize that everything was done in slow motion.Superhot VR gunplay

So is there a story to Superhot VR? Well, that’s a bit interesting it’s very underwritten letting the gameplay take center stage you’re given various floppy disks and taught how to use a few skills, while you generally just keep playing the game as you’ve done. See enemy thinks of an amazing over-the-top way of getting out of the situation with bullets flying at you and then when you’re finished with the stage you’ve just played it shows you a giant message saying “Super Hot” before launching you back into a non-descriptive fleshed out room that has a giant VR headset hanging down from the ceiling and computer screens that spit out classic floppy diskettes at you so you can continue your missions.

It’s simpler to say that there really isn’t a story, it falls more towards jumping points so you can jump into the action, and really, that’s not a bad thing for this game. Because Superhot VR is an experience, it’s something that I would say everyone who can play VR games should play. The very simplistic look of the game, combined so well with the gameplay and mechanics goes on to say that you don’t need a lot to make a great game, they took the concept of a world that never moves unless you move and tied it to an experience where you’re the one picking up the guns, throwing the objects just to get to the next stage, making a simple thing like moving their core concept for the gameplay.

The conclusion from my experience if you have a VR headset Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, or even an HTC Vive this is something I highly recommend picking up, Superhot VR is a game that genuinely got me excited about gaming again, and if I had a giant stamp or something I could give as a seal of approval this game would get it. My only grievance towards the game is the fact that if you get killed in any of the stages in each level, it restarts you from stage one of that level so you have to replay every situation up to the point where you died again but considering how short it is, it’s an understandable feature to extend the gameplay and the immersion players often enjoy when experiencing a great game, also it provides a great workout.


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