Volcanoids logoVolcanoids is an interesting game where you take the role of an individual going back to your hometown which has been overrun with strange mechanical creatures and Drill Tanks, not to mention a Volcano that has been actively erupting non-stop for the past several years every thirty minutes or so.Volcanoids engine room

The Story of Volcanoids comes in the form of quests that you receive after you land on the island starting simply by giving you basic tutorials; how to craft things, how to make guns, etc. After which you’re forced to find and commandeer a Drill Tank and thus begins the story by finding out the truth behind the island.

Volcanoids being primarily a survival focuses a lot on keeping your health up which you can craft medkits to do. Unlike other survival games, it doesn’t focus on carbs, food, or any other sort of survival mechanic. Volcanoids is pretty straightforward in what you’re expected to do which is to solve the mystery of your home island.the enemies in Volcanoids

Solving the mystery of the island requires a lot of effort as you have to mine a substantial amount of equipment and expand your ship as a whole adding more tiers to it which make it longer, but also allowing for more ship-based weapons used to defend your base and research more as well.

The problem I have with Volcanoids is how the quest lines give instructions but due to game bugs, the instructions aren’t what the player should be doing. I can’t really take that as an issue because the game is early access.

What I can complain about is the fact that Vocaloids has so many different crafting systems to create different sections of the Drill Ship from a crafting table, a production system, a research system, a development section, and the list goes on. As a person who played Minecraft, Green Hell, etc I personally would have felt better if it was a linear system handled from one single unit.
I understand why they have this system in place for Volcanoids, I’m just not a fan of it.ships drilling

That’s it, that’s the only thing I don’t like about Volcanoids the gameplay is pretty straightforward as it gives way-points as to what the player(s) should be doing. It has multiplayer so my friends and I can game together and work towards solving this mystery as a group. It’s a pretty solid game, research what you need, develop it, produce it, and continue on with your journey to solve the mystery of the Island.combat in Volcanoids

As a whole Volcanoids is an interesting take on the survival genre, if you like multiplayer survival and you want to play with your friends this is a pretty chill game as a whole; little pressure and if things get bad you can always send your ship underground where it’s both protected from the Volcano and also enemies.

If you think Volcanoids is worth checking out, I recommend giving it a try I’ve aired my opinion about the game and since it’s early access they may update it as time goes by fixing the issue I experienced with quests and maybe they might add voice acting as well.

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