HELSING2In the Incredible Adventure of Van Helsing II, you take control of Van Helsing and fight hordes of battle in a real-time strategy-based fighting system with controls similar to that of a massively multiplayer online game.

Fighting alongside you are your friends and allies from the first Van Hellsing games including the quick-witted ghost of a companion who generally acts as your go-to most of the time for selling extra equipment you pick up.asdf

Van Helsing II, itself has a deep story compiled with stunning graphics which I have absolutely grown to love in the course of playing this game and have taken a liking to the multi-player online features. To help keep the game more original as I played with other people some even from the beta days before the game’s official launch.incredible-adventures-van-helsing-2-mmo-games-screenshot-1

Another thing I loved about the game was the character creation where you could create a max-level hunter right from the start and level him up the way you choose to or start fresh with a new character. Either way, the game would balance out for your choice so regardless of your pick the game would still ultimately be challenging.

Do I recommend this game? Yes, I recommend it to anyone who loves ghosts, ghouls, combat, and gore. Not to mention the witty ghost sidekick who complains a lot to Van Hellsing, so be sure to check Van Helsing II out on Steam!


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