Try to Fall Asleep, it sounds easy, right? It should be perfectly fine in theory but sometimes it’s not as easy as it could be. Now the game Try to Fall Asleep paint’s a pretty simple picture you’ve suffered some sort of trauma both physical and mental and because of the mental trauma you hallucinate and have visions and if you get too stress you’ll end up in cardiac arrest and die.Try to Fall Asleep Logo

So the point of Try to Fall Asleep is just that, fall asleep! But that itself, is quite difficult as you’ll hear voices, see creatures and even other auditory hallucinations happen with your Radio turning itself on in the middle of the night or your rocking chair suddenly rocking.

Not to mention that creepy corpse standing in your window looking at you while you Try to Fall Asleep, seriously that part is the creepiest part. But if you managed to fall asleep you are greeted then by a series of situations and problems you must solve before you Try to Wake up in which you’re being stalked, chased, followed, hunted, and the list continuous.

The situation persists too that if you get too stressed while dreaming, you die. So overcoming these situations is equal parts challenging and terrifying as you have to think impulsively to survive and get through the challenges that face you while you’re resting and trying to heal and recover your strength.Try to Fall Asleep nightmare fuel

So that’s it right, I summarized the game now you know what it’s about. Well, yes. Try to Fall Asleep is a pretty straightforward game in its approach to its story. I haven’t encountered any challenging puzzles and the controls are pretty straightforward also with the simple W, A, S, and D to move and the mouse to interact with things.

You’re not even trying to outwit the AI in the game it’s primarily jump-scares if you can’t outrun the creatures that are chasing you or handle the puzzles. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a challenge in the game because you have to keep yourself from stressing out in your sleep and with the threat of the creatures chasing after you in your nightmarish hellscape of a dream and you having a very limited stress meter while dreaming.Can you fall asleep?

That stress meter max’s out you’re dead and compiled with the fact that randomly spawning rat-creature will be chasing you down and scaring you half to death without any chance of escape keeps you physically and mentally on edge as you try to handle the challenges of surviving as the game progresses.

Try to Fall Asleep is a lot harder than it looks because of it and it makes the game a whole lot more challenging than what you’d expect I highly recommend it if you’re into getting scared or you run a reaction-based YouTube channel.

It’s fun, it’s got quite the challenge to it and the controls are easily the simplest thing about it but more so than that I’d say that it’s worth playing.


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