Tricky Towers logoTricky Towers is one of that fun and entertaining no no-sense games. It’s a simple and fun game using the mechanics most commonly found in Tetris. Gameplay is pretty straightforward like in Tetris the blocks will come down and you rotate them. Tricky Towers gameplay Your goal is simple, set build the tower up and set it up so you can achieve your goal that is random for each stage. Unlike in Tetris where the primary goal is to keep removing your blocks in Tricky Towers the goal is to build a tower.

Sometimes the goal may not be to build a tower, but instead to just survive and you lose a life every time a block falls from your building. Tricky Towers is just that “Tricky” and we haven’t even started talking about the implication of magic yet. Magic in the game has two functions at least from what I’ve encountered. The first is dark magic which grows your opponent’s blocks to obscure sizes and the other light magic covers them in plants.

I haven’t found a use for light magic yet, outside of ruining the placement when my opponent is playing a block in multiplayer. In single-player, however, the magic is quite useless and I haven’t been able to use it at all in trial modes. The gameplay itself remains quite simple and straightforward forward the only challenge the player(s) face is being able to stack blocks properly. If you are young or easily agitated by a timer could create problems. Collectively the game has several modes in which players can either compete against each other online, I stick to playing the single-player trials as it feels full-filling enough for me.

If you think Tricky Towers might be worth your time check it out on Steam & consoles.

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