Imagine you live in a world covered in pollution. Actually, no, never mind; this is our reality! Now imagine if you will, a world covered in pollution but, is also flooded! There you go, that is Trash Sailors.

Trash Sailors Overworld
Stage Selection in Trash Sailors.

Trash Sailors is a multiplayer game that; can be played in single-player, and it is up to you and your friends to survive and get through the game’s entire story, and there is story! But, only after the first few stages… Now you are probably wondering what the game is like, and if I am being honest, it is chaotic. I have only had the honor of playing it in single-player as only one friend I know owns it, and they live halfway across the world, but I digress.

Trash Sailors starts by teaching you the game’s basic controls, such as fueling your compactors, gathering trash from the water, and how to repair your ship. Then from there. It is up to you or you and your friends to divvy up the work and to figure out what to do; during each stage. 

If you want to succeed in Trash Sailors, you must navigate to the end of the area. But, to do that, you must collect trash, keep your ship in good condition, and keep yourself and your friends alive, which in writing is easier than it sounds. In practice, however, it is a lot more difficult as you will have to avoid obstacles, giant creatures, tidal waves, and many other problems; that you will face.

Trash Sailors Spiders
Stay safe by turning on the flood light.

These resources; are used to repair the damage on your raft and keep the ship fueled as you traverse flooded towns, overfilled rivers, and so forth. Then after the stage; is finished, you; are awarded upgrade parts. These parts; can be used to improve various aspects of your raft, such as adding a flood light.

The biggest issue you will encounter playing Trash Sailors is controlling your characters. If; you are playing single-player, you can switch between two characters, one that will control the steering of the raft, and the other character; will be focused on gathering resources to repair and upgrade your raft.

At times it can be challenging as the scenario changes depending on the stage; there will be times when there is no light. So character (A) will need to keep the flood light on, and character (B) will need to stay stationary at the wheel so you can steer the ship.

Everything; that happens. Like, having to deal; with monsters will rely solely on character (A) from gathering resources and even repairing the ship if you ram into anything. They do; make this a little less difficult by giving players the ability to jump up and down to change direction and enable strafing, to change direction. But outside of that, it is still quite; difficult.

Finishing the level
The red bar above your trash collection is your progress bar, pay attention to it!

Then to make the situation worse, in Trash Sailors, there are creatures and events that can toss the players into the water and stun the characters making them take damage and unable to do anything. If; a player has to stay with the steering, they could potentially face being pushed into the water by a giant wave if they cannot steer the ship out of the way in time. Then if you do not have the floodlights on, everyone on the ship could be attacked by the aforementioned; monsters causing them to be stunned and unable to interact with anyone.

Trash Sailors; really is a game that; was designed to be played with people, and it does not really have online play functionality with random players. It can; only be played; with friends who own the game. Trash Sailors is not a bad game; it is just difficult to play by yourself.

I do recommend Trash Sailors, as it is a fun game, but my recommendation; is don’t play it alone; get a few copies and bring some friends along, you can find Trash Sailors on Steam!

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