TransformersAnnounce_Screen2Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark is based on the movie Transformers. You think the game would be good but tragically it is far from it. The controls at times are clunky and slow and extremely hard to play with. Character development is based solely on what you would learn in the movies.Rise-Of-The-Dark-Spark-Is-New-Transformers-Game-Listing_jpg 1392391632

As well as the animated series if you watched it as a kid. It is interesting to see the two get tied in together but it feels forced and the game runs dry. Besides all this, the game’s audio seems borrowed from the movies instead of having its own musical score.

Hoping that the soundtrack for the movie and the game would be good enough for both but it falls short of making the cut-scenes and gameplay come to life. The greatest sin of this game is it’s multiplayer where it just falls short and is non-existent. Is it a game worth getting?

Only if you’re buying it for your child other than that. Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark It’s one robotic disappointment.
So seriously, it’s better to invest in something else like a free-to-play MMO, or a Call of Duty game, but if you don’t believe me; check Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark out on Steam!



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