webbyPlaying Total War Attila is like leasing a car.  You drive it for a while, then opt for a new model with fancier lines and a bit more power.  Having watched the progression of the Total War series, however, I can tell you that the old classics still hold value.

Attila is the latest to clock in, but what does he carry in tow?  Beautiful graphics, engaging dialog and music, and a tremendous multiplayer faction system, for sure.  But if you’re expecting to simply hop into the tutorial and begin a campaign, you may want to take it slow.  The game is difficult; not only during actual gameplay but even in the controls and key-binding options!

Campaigns progress in two phases:

First, there is a tactical phase, where you position troops on a battlefield, always mindful of trees, terrain, buildings, and roads.  Based on their battle function, your troops are divided into small regiments.  The familiar rock/paper/scissors formula is built into your units, so smart placement is paramount.  Next, there is a strategic phase, where you spend resources earned in battle so as to upgrade your troops, repair buildings, and hire special leaders and mercenaries to aid you in future combat.

Overall, Total War Attila is both a beauty and a beast, kind of like a new Ferrari.  If you have access to early Total War clunker titles, you may find them useful in getting your learner’s permit before taking on this latest model.

-Chris Roberts-

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