The Jackbox Party Pack is by far one of the best ways to have a good time with your friends while playing at home or online, and the titles included in it are always worth it. My favorite game in the collection is “Fibbage”, where you’ve got to create cunning lies to fool your friends and score points.

Now I cannot say a lot in comparison to the original Jackbox Party Pack, as I never owned it, but I have played it with a few friends online. Now getting right down to it…is the Jackbox Party Pack 2 worth it? Totally; assuming you have friends to play with or you are interested in live-streaming it and getting your viewers involved.games_jackboxpartypack2__article-house-780x440

Party Pack 2 comes with all new games, as well as one from the original Party Pack. The new games are “Bomb Corp”, “Quiplash”, “Bidiots”, and “Earwax”.

In Bomb Corp players have to disarm bombs to win points. The bombs however are scattered around the office and you’ve got to defuse them to keep your job. As a bonus, it’s a good on-the-job experience (and I totally just ripped that off from the Steam page).

Bidiots is game where you focus on bidding, and I had a lot of fun with this one. Outbidding your friends for stupid art pieces drawn by your friends and family makes for fair entertainment; even more so if your friends are a tiny bit wasted.

Earwax forces players to think of what they are hearing and guess what it is…and it can get fairly stupid at times. But let’s be honest, if it wasn’t ridiculous would you even consider playing it? The only problem with this game is that it was difficult to hear at times, but it’s still fun to guess the sounds.JPP2_BrandBits

Overall the games are hilariously amazing and I really enjoyed them. My only problem is getting my live stream going so my friends and I can play every now and then. Is it worth investing in? If you’ve got a good Internet connection and want to have a good time with your local friends or online, then oh yea…this is totally worth it and it will most definitely bring you a good laugh.

You can play on tablets, smartphones, and on computers. You can party for hours on end. Bring the Doritos; it going to be an awfully long night.


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