headerTanzia a little tropical island in the middle of no where I would assume. Now I have followed this game for a good long while and I got to say I have not been disappointed. I even got to fiddle around with it in Alpha and talk to the developer directly.

Now with that little introduction out-of-the-way let’s get started shall we? The gameplay is fairly straight forward you learn to craft, level up, collect items, and fight monsters in this story driven adventure game and straight from the get-go you are given a few quests to help guild you through the game’s world.ss_d0476beca38b6b591be7d39c84e54c8ae0575ebe-1920x1080

The graphics of the game are something special, where the touch of a loving developer spent hours working on each one and making them look flawless and the quality shows, from the monsters to the non-player characters the game shows quality and that is actually what attracted me to this title.

Now, the music for the game is very subtle and calming but with a nice upbeat tone to it. It helps keep me focused while playing, and I am truly enjoying it. Giving it that extra element I look for in quality games, that helps make it feel like a complete game and not just a simple cash grab.cr93ol5w8aar3uo

However, the story-telling aspect of the game is much like me in describing things to people. Long-winded and tedious, although it is only like this at moments through. It’s much worse for me in my game reviews.

The game does have a unique charm to it, though, which captivates me. With its unique use of bright and cheerful colors and not a dark and gritty atmosphere that most modern-day games have the game is very charming and very upbeat even in its villainous character design of the Skeleton King.ss_b2de06340d7de6b96ac539340c0281d7fa520e5b-1920x1080

It feels like a solid title that I think everyone will love, even more so if you grew up with titles like Banjo Kazooie, and Crash Bandicoot. I feel very strongly that the game has the potential to sell on consoles as well.

550fa9b7b6fa30383c3565c2_hero3I know there are a lot of indie titles out there, people release more every single day and I feel at times we are overwhelmed by how many people make a cheap game in the hopes of making it big. But I truly believe that this game has the quality to be a gem among those titles.

If you ever get a chance totally pick it up on steam, and if you want check out my video below to see what I keep hyping about.



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