We got Tales from the Borderlands, originally when it came out, and due to technical issues we had trouble actively covering it. So we thought it best to do it all in one big go. Tales-from-the-Borderlands-Fiona

You start out with Rhys and Fiona (a con artist) and a guy trying to get back at his douche-bag of a boss. That is when things just get crazy. After one thing leads to another, the two discover a vault and they embark on an epic journey to open it and claim its contents as their own.2742538-rhys-smash-card

On their journey, they are met by various allies, such as Zer0 and Athena, as well as everyone’s favorite mechanic…Scooter, who’s trying to live his dream of being a hero whilst promoting his business. But as things progress the enemies you have made along the way start to pile up, and it only gets crazier when everyone’s favorite psychopath makes a triumphant return by showing up in Rhys’s head.

Now the game itself follows the overall storyline of the Borderlands universe, where the heroes are searching for a vault. However they aren’t “Vault Hunters” per se; the game is told in traditional TellTale Games graphic novel fashion, with various action sequences thrown in. As such, it becomes choppy at times when characters are talking; an issue apparent in all TellTale titles. But honestly, if you’re playing a TellTale game, you’re in it for the story and not for the visuals.Tales from the Borderlands_20150819220158

The music is spot on for a Borderlands title (even if it is made by TellTale). It’s even replete with Marcus giving you the traditional story; a feature common to all Borderlands games, as well as their DLCs. Also as in previous titles, you can either play the game with a controller or keyboard. Although I own a nice shiny keyboard, I still prefer the controller for games like this.

Now here is where things get hard for me, as I really enjoyed the game overall. It put me on an emotional roller coaster with various characters. As you play and interact, you begin to grow attached to the cast…some of whom you met in previous games. The only warning you will get from me is: some will die and you will be left in a pile of tears.2015-08-16_00083-noscale

Also during the story, you learn even more about Handsome Jack and all the things he accomplished while he was in charge. “Jack lovers” out there will greatly appreciate this, as it gives you some degree of closure considering the ending of Borderlands 2.

The game itself for me falls as a masterpiece. We don’t know how Borderlands 3 is coming along, or how they are going to continue the story, but this game serves as a nice filler. At the end of it, one of the characters is recognized as a potential Vault Hunter for future games. However, the ending itself raises more questions than it answers and makes you wonder.

All in all, after many months of playing this series, do I think it is worth it? That’s a stupid question kiddos…of course, it’s worth it because it has the best character of all in it! -Handsome Jack-


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