SyderArcadeSyder Arcade from Studio Evil is a trip back in time to the old classic arcade left-and-right, side-scrolling, space-combat shoot ’em ups! The game is very straightforward. You begin on the deck of a space carrier, where you select from a small line of fighter ships to use on your maiden mission. Some ships inflict more damage and sport heavier armor than others, but at the cost of speed and maneuverability. The game is so faced-paced that it really is a toss-up as to which play style is superior; might or speed.SyderShips If you are a fan of arcade coin-ops from the ’80s and ’90s, you may remember classics such as R-Type and Darius. If you were even somewhat good at those, you will love Syder Arcade.

Syder-Arcade-12The story in this game is fairly deep, but the mechanics are simple. Flip your ship left and right as you blast enemies and avoid incoming shots across a stunning 2½-D backdrop. The game gets tougher as you progress, so be sure to grab boosters and power-ups as you dodge AI opponents. Additionally, new fighter ships will periodically “unlock” for you, providing even more firepower.

The only downside to the game is its difficulty, but of course, that’s an occupational hazard in this genre.

Is Syder Arcade worth it? Yes, it is, even if you’re not a natural fan of arcade games. Unlike its coin-op counterparts, Syder lets you save your game in progress! ‘Nuff said.

-Chris Roberts-

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