Subnautica logoBesides Subnautica being free to play on the Epic Games store very soon, we managed to get a hold of the Play Station 4 and Xbox one copy of Subnautica finally and get around to playing it so with that being said let’s talk about this game and why you should totally go download it right now from the Epic Store.
Right away, I am taken into how detailed the game is with its visuals and I am both visually impressed with just what they’ve done with the game. Capturing both the essence of the ocean with the look and feel of the coral that you swim past and the fear and sheer terror of running into unknowing sea creatures who kind of want to eat you every chance they get. Subnautica under the ocean

Mixing this with a survival mode and story about curing yourself from a terrible disease that is totally going to kill you and escaping the planet you happen to crash into after being shot out of orbit by a massive energy cannon. Now you are forced to make constant decisions as to whether or not to venture out for certain materials in risky adventures so you don’t die but it also increases your chance of dying; because of survival games.

Now, what I love most about Subnautica is its subtle way of bringing the player into the world. At the start of the story, you are crashing head-first into the ocean in your escape pod. But not before getting knocked out by some falling derbies from inside your escape pod and when you come too you are forced to start gathering materials needed for survival and expanding your base. Much like other survival games such as Minecraft, or The Forest resource gathering is essential and pretty much the primary time kill for the game, this is not a game you can not hope to complete in several hours like some popular role-playing games.Subnautica spaceship crash

But with the constant and consistent barrage of interesting sea creatures and places to explore it manages to captivate us long enough to keep us playing being the perfect amount of grind mixed with screaming in a very feminine tone as you desperately try to out-swim the things that want to eat you as you beg God to let you just have this one thing before they ultimately destroy your exo-suit.Subnautica in the reefs

Now all of this together has to be tied neatly up with a flawless soundtrack and it is. The music of Subnautica adds the perfect element to help in your immersion as you digress through the seas encountering all these unique creatures and grinding away the materials you need to progress the story and create the devices you need. Both soothing, relaxing, peaceful and even at times it can get you pumped up for what’s coming.

The game controls of the game are flawless and never once am I disorientated with input lag adding more to the relaxing feeling the game brings, in the end, I love it! Subnautica deserves the hype it has gotten over the years and for me to enjoy it and even want to continue playing it, say how good of a game it is. Hell, I may even get my parents to play it simply because they love diving, and since you have a chance to grab it for free very soon on the Epic Store go get it!

Maybe you have just found your new official time kill if you’re bored with your current games and love the survival genre.


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