SL2Still Life 2 is the sequel to…well…Still Life. In this point-and-click adventure, you once again play the role of a police detective who is trying to locate and track down a mass murderer…a masked mass murderer! To make matters worse, you are being foiled in your efforts by an ornery news reporter, who is making fun of your failures every step of the way.

Still_Life_2_ScreenshotIt seems the news reporter herself has now been captured by the murderer, and that’s really the whole point of this game…you get to play as both women: The detective trying to apprehend the murderer, as well as the kidnapped reporter. This back-and-forth switch routine is a great mechanic and single-handedly saves this game from the point-and-click bargain basement.

SL2Is the game worth it? In a word, Yes. Although the graphics are not tremendous, Still Life 2 follows a very complex storyline. If you like turning over clues and piecing together unfolding mysteries, then you will love this game. If careful attention to detail is tedious for you, then best to stay away. In any case, if you managed your way through the first Still Life, you should definitely continue on, if you want to check out Still Life 2 you can find it on Steam!

-Chris Roberts-

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