Stand Out VR Battle Royale is at the very least an interesting take on the Battle Royale genre by forcing its styled gameplay into a VR setting (Virtual Reality). Several years ago I was excited about this title and I thought it would be a unique approach to playing a Battle Royale game and so when an opportunity arose for me to review it I was fairly excited.

But after trying it out I have to conclude, at least from my perspective that the game is more focused on cashing in on the hype of Battle Royale titles than being a Stand Out from all its other competitors, using VR as a gimmick to attract people.

Cars clipping through buildings in Stand Out VR Battle Royale
Cars clipping through buildings

The basis of battle royale games is to drop or spawn into an area where you are fighting upwards of a hundred or more players to the death to become the last man standing. The issue with Stand Out VR Battle Royale is that the game feels rushed, unpolished, unrefined, and rough around the edges.

The controls for navigation are finicky and unresponsive with no means to rebind the keys to something more comfortable.

In regards to the assets such as the buildings for the maps they’re unfinished, some even so poorly designed that it forces players to bend over or crawl on the ground in real life just to climb down the stairs. There are floating vehicles above the ground that players can ride next to as there are no means to mount them, and when you interact with them they fall to the ground and catch fire.

Floating assets

Now you’d think that would be about it, right? Wrong.

The golden rule of virtual reality games is optimization it’s what allows players to have a seamless experience while playing in virtual reality if a game is poorly optimized it can make people nauseous and want to throw up and solving this issue is commonplace for developers to do what they must to make sure a stable locked frame-rate to prevent nausea.

Because a steady high frame rate means that our visual distinction between reality and virtual reality becomes more seamless and in turn makes it easier to adjust to playing in a virtual environment.

Stand Out VR Battle Royale straight out ignores this rule, and instead suggests you change your method of movement to better fit their needs over your enjoyment. So after half an hour I became very nauseous and had to sit down.  

Despite all these many issues, there is an active fan base for the game and I did find that one of the most enjoyable aspects of my time in Stand Out VR Battle Royale as one individual was even kind enough to teach me the ropes since there is no tutorial or even training area for Stand Out VR Battle Royale. This kind individual said to me “Apples heal you, Pills kill you, Ammo can be strapped to your chest, and best of luck!

That is a unique place to hold your ammo in Stand Out VR Battle Royale
Ammo on the chest

Then I ended up in the same building as he pulled a pistol on him, and ended up dead within seconds since he had a machine gun. He then laughed, and I laughed, and we couldn’t believe we ended up in the same spot together.

This leads me to my last issue with Stand Out VR Battle Royale, there was no way for me to send the individual a friend request because it kicks you from the game after a short while once you die. There is even no way to report anyone using AIM Bots or cheating in it.

Based on my interactions with Stand Out VR Battle Royale everything is laid out clearly as day I became nauseated because it was not optimized, I had to crawl on my hands and knees just to climb down some stairs because buildings were quickly designed and thrown in without a second thought. Game assets catch on fire the moment you touch them, and the overall experience outside of the players I met was pretty negative.

It’s hard to have fun when you want to throw up moving around the map trying to find guns and to those of you who might say. You need to get a stronger computer my current system runs an Nvidia 2080ti, has 64gbs of RAM, the game was on an Intel 660p NVME drive, and my CPU is an AMD 3950x. It’s the game that’s bad, and I’m sorry to the players who are actively enjoying the game I just don’t feel that it’s a good game at least from my perspective.


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