What do classic Game Boy Color games have in common with Spirit Sphere? The visual appearance and color pallet. Not many people can pull off properly for a game, which results in poor design, and gameplay. However Spirit Sphere is none of these with excellent design, and a visual appeal I absolutely love due to its classic look.

Spirit Sphere in it itself is a very simple game with pong-like gameplay, a sphere shows up and you use your sword to hit it back to the other side. However, the sword is only one of the aspects of the game with various characters to choose from and unique weapons to use the game has a very character-based aspect to it because no two characters are alike.

The aspect of the game as I have mentioned is like Pong where you hit the ball and try to score a point and even in Normal mode, it’s quite challenging as I was getting my face handed to me by what looked like a very sinister wizard named Ozo.

During the games you play, you can collect power-ups to make winning easier from a bow to bombs it feels like it’s screaming Links Awakening to me although it’s nothing like that, well apart in its visual appearance anyways. Another thing that ends up dropping in games is coins which you can use to get unlockable things from a beautiful fountain you can visit as well.

But I think one of the best features of the game so far is that it has a multiplayer feature, although the multiplayer is local-multiplayer only which I find a bit disappointing. Because I do think the game would do very well with an Online Multiplayer feature for people who want to kill time and also have a good time with friends.

The game even offers controller support to make playing it even easier, which makes me really wish I had a controller again because it’s one of those things that I am greatly lacking at this point in time.
Don’t get me wrong the game is very enjoyable but trying to handle this on a keyboard for me is incredibly difficult and quite hard to pull off.

I even enjoy the upbeat music of the game which sounds incredibly accurate for the era they are trying to represent. In conclusion, though the game just screams retro, and not like most pixel-art games today where just because they have sprites they think it’s retro. Spirit Sphere is a game that takes the designs of a true retro-based game and brings it to life for modern PC gaming.


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