Speed kills is a racing demolition game where you win races to win money to trick out your ride even more. Then using your new tricked-out car you continue to blow stuff up win more money and trick out your car even more. ss_423a9663a9b65effee239c7bb366e6ffe99738c0.1920x1080ss_cff0f8d3fac34875c2365cd1ece5e1e91b110c77.1920x1080

It’s like Mario Kart meets steroids in a game that is nothing like Mario Kart at all but that gave you an awkward mental image, to say the least. In Speed Kills you visit various planets and compete and a multitude of races to become the best driver in the galaxy and once you have.

Conquered the arena you can conquer your time as you play the stages over and over again to get your best time. My only problem with speed kills is that you play it from an overhead view instead of a behind the car third person view. Like one of those electronic race tracks as a kid.┬áThe angle used to play the game makes the game incredibly difficult to play and at times the game has been bugging where your car will occasionally blow up on its own. All in all though is the game worth it? Yea, it kinda is and it’s still quite fun despite its flaws in it.


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