So, if you want to play more games like Metroid then do I have a game for you! Given it’s not as dark as Metroid, it is a lot more light-hearted, fun, and much shorter. But Space Otter Charlie is honestly a really fun game to play!Space Otter Charlie travel system

Just like so many of the games we’ve reviewed lately. The story of Space Otter Charlie starts with Earth being destroyed by humanity, and so we leave for the stars! But then it started getting way too hot for the other animals, polar bears, and Otters alike!

So, what is a lowly little group of Otters to do as the ice caps are melting? Well, build a rocket ship of course! The first one blew up on the launch pad, the second one made it up into the sky and then blew up, and the third one! Well, that one launched you into Space and was respectfully called Charlie.

Now Space Otter Charlie is a fairly straightforward platform game. The story pushes you in the direction of. Where you need to go, and then you start exploring the areas in zero-gravity! As an otter! Early on in the game, you are; given a blaster and you can use it to fight enemies and clear debris that is essential for getting you through the game’s story.Space Otter Charlie

As you progress through the story you’re able to unlock more and more equipment to better deal with enemies that you will have to fight and issues you will have to deal with.

But, not only acquiring equipment is crucial. But, upgrading it as well. In Space Otter Charlie you can upgrade your blaster, spacesuit, and all the other equipment you find. This will help increase your chances of success as you play through the game’s story.

But not only that as you travel through the stages of the game you can also even collect little bits of lore that tells you all about the world in Space Otter Charlie. It may be a small game but there is a sizable amount of World Building involved in the game. Being critical here it’s all written dialog, so if you want to know more about the world you got to read about it.

However, considering I grew up with Super Mario Brothers, Mega Man, Metroid and so many others that solely relied on the text box format for world-building and character interaction. I don’t really see any issue with this and as the old saying goes “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!”collectible items in the stage

Space Otter Charlie truly isn’t that hard of a game. And you can beat the entire game in just a few hours it does have a unique charm; to it that makes the game very enjoyable. The animation is so smooth and the character designs are unique and charming.

It feels a bit like a classic Metroid platformer lovingly mixed with comic mischief to create something new and wondrous. Even the bosses in Space Otter Charlie are unique in their designs such as the first boss a rogue A.I. that is programmed to destroy all rodents after space rats destroyed the ship it was on.

Space Otter Charlie is by all comparisons unique on its own and has only a handful of similar features to that of a Metroid title or any other platformer such as Super Mario Brothers. But, those unique features do make Space Otter Charlie stand out.

My personal opinion is that the animation, character designs, and visuals are what; truly make the game unique and enjoyable.

There is just something special about the attention to detail the development team put into their characters. That is lost in so many modern games, and that I appreciate so very much in Space Otter Charlie.The Evil computer in Space Otter Charlie

Between the somewhat unique cartoonish story on climate awareness, and the unique character choice of being an Otter mixed together with zero gravity gameplay, craftable plus upgradable weapons. And the unique bits of lore scattered around the world I have to say that Space Otter Charlie is a very unique and enjoyable Platformer game that I have to recommend you play.

The developers put so much love and attention into this title and it really does show in all aspects of gameplay. I’ve played a lot of platformer titles and I’d easily count this among the best! Space Otter Charlie is truly a game worth checking out!

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