Son-of-Nor-headerSon of Nor was in early access when we first looked at it. Now that the game is fully released, let’s dive into it. In Son of Nor you play as a creature capable of controlling the elements at a whim, quite similar to characters in Avatar. Instead of having a natural ability to wield them, like Korra or Aang, you instead control the elements via latent magical (telekinetic) abilities.48e4a2_d0417ea170834d0ca4d697e1411c8a61

During the game, you will have to master various magical techniques, as well as solve a barrage of extremely challenging puzzles. If these prove too difficult, you can partner with a friend and fight through in co-op mode!cjbhk

With beautiful cut scenes and great graphics, Son of Nor really comes to life as you battle hordes of relentless enemies. My only problem with the game so far is that the controls are extremely tricky and hard to master; although that could be my old HP keyboard from a Windows XP desktop.

All in all, Son of Nor looks and feels absolutely stunning, and I’m extremely happy the game is complete after so long a wait. I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel like they’re a member of the  Avatar cast, or who simply enjoys terraforming and throwing rocks at people.


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