Now I know I’m probably going to upset the fan-base for saying this but…ShellShock Live has quite a lot of similarities to Pocket Tanks; so much so that to me it’s just a try-hard imitation!

shell However, after playing it for quite some time I’ve come to the conclusion that it may have a lot of similarities but it is still its own thing. With almost hundreds more different weapons and a huge online multiplayer. Where Pocket tanks you had to play locally and all of the weapons you wanted came in separate DLC packs that you had to buy Shellshock live gives every weapon it has to you at the very start.

However a lot of the weapons are weak in power and you have a leveling system not only for your tank but also for the weapons you use to help evolve and change the game. Mind you there are still quite a number of striking similarities a lot of the players online even noticed this. As well as the creator of Pocket Tanks when I reached out to him but he wanted to assure me and everyone out there that the game tanks a unique twist on what they have offered for years and went as far as to say.

“Imitation is the best kind of flattery”

The controls for the game are strait forward and easy to learn. You move your tank left and right and then you move your turret left and right and increase how much power your attack is before you fire your weapon. 4-1024_3722Which consists in this game of Angry Birds, and various other single shot or triple shot weapons. The game really does deliver on its uniqueness but at the same time the online mode feels greatly lacking and having to unlock all the weapons by playing online only is quite a time kill as well as a buzzkill. A lot of the players I talked too hope that the game will improve and get better as time goes a long as do I. Because it is quite a fun game to play and I wish it had a local multiplayer mode also.

Something so basic with a lot of strategy put into every single play and games can last from five minutes to forty five minutes. Is the game worth it? I think so and I recommend people get it if they were a fan of Pocket Tanks as a kid. It may be its own thing but it has so many similarities I grew to love the game very quick.

-Daniel Clatworthy-


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