logoIn Shadow Puppeteer you start by playing as a young boy who lives in a village in the middle of nowhere. Late that night a crazed man comes, who is a mixture of Goku from Journey to the West and the crazy windmill guy from Ocarina of Time.

Playing his music box, the man begins to rip the shadows from everyone in the village for his own evil reasons. Before your shadow is torn from you, the floorboards collapse and you fall into the basement…plot convenience is strong in this game. Screenshot_01Shadow Puppeteer Screen

When you come to, you learn that you can control yourself and your shadow separately. You must now solve various puzzles and catch up with the crazy music box guy.

A few fine points about the game: You can play it either in single-player or co-op. Single-player gets incredibly difficult, however, as it was designed to be played with a friend.

The controls are incredibly simple to learn and the game progresses quickly if you have a PC game controller. The only hard thing for me was the music. It made the game feel a lot more creepy than it actually was.

Honestly, though, the game is really amazing and a lot of fun. I recommend getting it if you’ve got a co-op buddy and want to challenge yourself in an environment with an Invader Zim visual look.


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