Senran Kagura 2 is the sequel to the first game and has an anime series by the same name. To be completely honest here, it screams “Otaku!” This is actually my first Otaku-based game, and to give you an idea of what I mean, “Boobs” is the best overall summary. As you play through this visual novel and action-based adventure, your clothes will rip off while fighting the enemy; not to mention you can rip their clothes off as well!

As they fall in defeat to your amazing ninja skills, they will speak either of how sad and pathetic they are or how much they’re in love with you. After all, you were able to get them into nothing but their bikinis!

Now let’s discuss a little about the overall story. The game has you following two ninjas: Asuka and Homura, as well as their friends. The story starts out with Asuka and her team fighting Homura and hers, while at the same time trying to get back a ninja scroll. However, as they do, the villain ends up summoning a giant evil creature that aims to destroy everything. But it’s soon destroyed when Asuka beats it using the powers of friendship and everyone is happy to accept; except team Homura…they become renegades.

This leads to the second bit of the story. “They” are trying to find their way in the world…but let’s stop there. Don’t want to spoil the plot too much for everyone now, do we?

The game has a variety of features, such as ninja sexy poses. You can change their expressions and have them a model for you, either like a stripper or like they’re taking it from behind. Add a little porn track here with the classic “Bow chica wow wow!”

Now besides all this, the game does try to focus on actual gameplay. But I feel the developers only took into consideration the physics for the boobs and not the actual combat system. As I progressed through the story, even at Level One, I had huge difficulties because the bosses were overpowered and there is no guard in the game at all.
You can dodge, but even doing that is really hard; as is parrying other enemies’ attacks. However, in my reluctance to give up on the game, I wondered if there was an alternate strategy…and I did indeed find it.

So if you end up buying this game, here is the best way to beat every single enemy with no problems, take no damage at all and achieve the best ranks: “B + X” is the solution. Simply jump up into the air and slam back down.
This aerial attack creates a mini-stun on all enemies and then allows you to jump back up and repeat this combo until they’re defeated. It even works well on bosses.

I have cleared every single challenge room using this technique, I have beaten every boss and I have pretty much beaten the game at this point using nothing but that simple two-hit combo. Honestly, without this knowledge, the combat would be impossibly difficult. Keep in mind that your special attacks don’t connect with enemies moving in the direction you’re facing.

In conclusion, do you like boobs, women in awkward sexual poses, and young girls who just happen to be teenagers? Then this is the ideal game for you!

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