RockSmash! — A Year in the Neighborhood is a delightful arcade-style game, that reminds one of the old classics: Asteroids. The object here is to smash big rocks into little rocks, and little rocks into coins, which you can collect to obtain high scores and also to impress your friends. RockSmashTitleBG

0o6Rm7When you start the game, you choose one of several character types, represented as kids throughout the neighborhood, and each kid has a special ability. One, for instance, is very strong and can smash big rocks into coins immediately, without having to go through the smaller rocks. Another kid is very quick and can dodge the onslaught of falling rocks faster than the other kids. Once you select your character, you will continue to collect coins and progress through the four seasons of the year until finally confronting the town bully, and defeating him.

Overall, the game does profess to be “fun for all ages”, and this is true. Younger players will enjoy the smash-and-grab, trying to get high scores and ultimately defeating the final bully. Older players will enjoy reading the pithy comments and dry humor that’s built into the game. One memorable scene shows a character looking into the camera and saying “Why do rocks produce coins?” A very honest question…but then immediately states “I LOVE Springtime!” These non-sequiturs will appeal to all of you soon-to-be-geriatric Generation Y.

Rdav+yAll-in-all, RockSmash! is a tight little game. Unfortunately, it ships as a single executable. JAR file. This means that some systems may have trouble running it, and your screen-grab software (should you choose to record it) may not be able to capture it correctly. But with some extra work from the developer, this game has the potential to become the new Smash-teroids of the Millennial generation.

-Chris Roberts-

RockSmash Scale

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