2SSgMRhythm Destruction is a game where you pilot a spaceship and you destroy various objects coming at you In a Rhythm hence the name. The game controls are easy when you see a object coming in you got to press the right key at the right time.ss12

However this presents a problem at times since the game plays a lot like a bullet hell game mixed with a shoot’em up. Making dodging and performing actions at the right time incredibly difficult to do.

It gets even harder at times when you realize you got to dodge to the beat if things aren’t going your way. Simply listen to the beat and even if that doesn’t work to quote Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z. “Dodge!” is a term we would like to use to best describe the situation you would find yourself in.rhythm-destruction-featured1

At times the game plays like Simon says and that’s okay as the music and the gameplay make up for it. When we first reviewed the game it did have a lot of bugs in it but now the game plays a lot better than it did at launch.

Do I recommend Rhythm Destruction? If you are a fan of bullet hell games I am fairly sure you won’t be disappointed.


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