In Red Solstice, up to eight players meet each other on Mars to kill hordes of Aliens. The game looks great. The controls, however, really bogged me down…at least until I had time to figure them all out. I am somewhat better now. RedSolLogo01

I tried playing online with others but kept getting kicked or yelled at by 12-year-olds. In the end, only my friends and I were able to play but still didn’t get very far with our 2-player and 4-player groups. This makes me wish the game had some sort of a balancing system and a fan base who actually enjoyed multiplayer sessions.9b9017feeb5bd0bdb6013c25c653a05c_large

As I continued playing, the game began to feel dry and stiff, and highly uninteresting. This may have been due in part to our limited party size. If the game had the option to jump into strangers’ skirmishes in progress and play along with them, that would indeed spice things up.

Is the game worth buying? Honestly, I’d have to give it a resounding “not yet”. Not until the aforementioned issues have been rectified. At first, the game seemed fun, until we realized that the 8-player route is surely the way to go, laughing at all the insanity that only you and a squad of close friends can appreciate.  Smash Brothers, anyone?

Does this mean Red Solstice is a bad game? Far from it. The fact that it can rest on its early access laurels just means that with fine-tuning, elbow grease, and a fan base in their mid-to-late-30s, it can become a title of reckoning!TheRedSolstice_ss1

I expect to see great things from Red Solstice and hope my recommendations are taken to heart.


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