QP Shooting_UpdatedLogoFrom the Orange Juice crew comes another bullet hell shoot-em-up: QP Shooting – Dangerous!! In this game you play as the Orange Juice staff itself, in another one of their amazing games, going around shooting things up.

Hence the “bullet hell” in it its tags. A bit about the game besides playing as the Orange Juice staff and shooting things, you progress through various stages while dodging opponents’ bullets and shooting plenty of your own. Even on the easiest setting the game tests your limits because there is no actual “easy” in easy mode.qp_sp

The game is extremely difficult to play and even more so to master. It’s a genre that has been around for quite a while, most notably in Japanese arcades alongside Guilty Gear X2 and Street Fighter.

QP Shooting – Dangerous!! takes on an anime twist in this release. As a bonus, you can unlock an extra character in the title’s predecessor, 100% Orange Juice, if you own both games. Despite being extremely challenging, the game is quite family-friendly and has a cute sense of moe to go along with it.

Ultimately, it’s a really amazing game with a classic genre feel modernized and released on the PC, all thanks to distributor Fruitbat Factory. Do I recommend QP Shooting – Dangerous!!? But of course.
It’s fun for everyone…and rage-inducing, as well. Just don’t take it out on your controller.
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