QUBE-logoQ.U.B.E: Director’s Cut is a puzzle/chamber game rendered beautifully in 3-D. While obviously inspired by Portal 2, Q.U.B.E. challenges players’ skills in a different way; even if only their mouse and key-pressing skills.

You play the role of a space explorer, quarantined on a vast ship made up entirely of puzzle rooms. Before we continue…a moment of silence while we contemplate the cost, not to mention the sanity of the government who would sign off on such a space vessel. As you proceed from room to room, you must manipulate colored objects which allow you to reach an exit door. This door of course doubles as the entrance door to the next puzzle room, and so on. The first object you encounter is the BLUE object. Stepping on one of these will launch you into the air. QUBERedYellowBlueGreenThen there is the RED object, which acts as an instant ledge upon which to stand, or “land” as needed. You also have a YELLOW object, which is similar to the red but comes in triplicate, forming a 3-tiered staircase upon activation. You get the idea. There are more colors later on that provide their own unique service.QUBEYellow

While Q.U.B.E.‘s puzzles are challenging, they tend to become repetitive. This works for other games in the genre, such as Quantum Conundrum, because the rooms there are large and airy. One can have fun just wandering around, admiring bookshelves, sofas, lamps, and banisters. The rooms in Q.U.B.E. on the other hand are tiny and offer nothing to do apart from the puzzle at hand.

Overall, is the game worth it? Indeed, Yes. Q.U.B.E. is a must for any collector of puzzle/chamber games. The solutions are logical but require some thought. There are plenty of optional rooms that provide increased challenge, along with well-deserved Steam achievements. So go ahead, the game is quite creative, albeit somewhat Claustrophobic.

-Chris Roberts-

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