Project TemporalityLike time travel? Perhaps you like paradoxes and a universe that will self-implode because eight of me exist all in one place at a single moment in time. Alright besides that horrifying thought of there being eight of me at once. Project Temporality is a puzzle-solving game using time travel where you got to create paradoxes to solve various problems as well as rewind time and manipulate the flow of time like you would silly putty.pt_screen12_720

Despite the sinister undertones that are picked up later in the game it remains a heavy puzzle-solving game with complex problems that you really need to think about and at times well time them right to solve.

It is one of the better time-related games I have played and really enjoyed it up until the point where I stared at the puzzle trying to figure it out for what seemed like hours. But ultimately that became part of its charm. If you are wanting a challenge this would be the game for you to play, with its use of intricate puzzles involving paradoxes it creates a stressful atmosphere that elevates the gameplay.

If it’s what you are into go check out Project Temporality on steam, but just be careful not to create too many paradoxes!


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