Take a classic arcade shooter like Star Shooter give it a modern fighter pilot twist and updated graphics and congrats you have created Project root. In this arcade-styled shoot’em up you fly around building up your ship and completing tasks. Before the end of a level, a boss shows up to try and wreck your day.Project Root 1

screen_shot_4781087The game like many arcade shooters is comprised of stages and you go to battle your way thru them all with limited lives and nothing but the powers of button mashing and your cunning.

Extremely challenging and also extremely fun to play as a fan of Arcade shooters this game gave me a pretty decent run for my money for quite a while. Although I still preferred the first stage the most.

Is the game worth checking out? I think so there are a few bugs here and there and it can be greatly improved. No game is ever perfect but ultimately it is still a fun game to play and that is what we look for in reviews. Is the game fun to play and is it entertaining the answer is yes.

If you want to check out Project Root you can find it on Steam!



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