hatsune-miku-project-mirai-dx1Hatsune Miku is a popular synthesized idol that came from Japan and has taken the world by storm in Project Mirai DX (like many other things from Japan!). But after all this time she has found her way to the Nintendo 3DS system; thanks to Sega no less!    16282163155_9b5bfa581f

Now the gameplay at first seems very hard to navigate, with many sub-menus that feel convoluted; creating more problems than solutions. However there really isn’t much you can do with Hatsune Miku in this game, other than taking her shopping with you and playing Go, a traditional Japanese board game that has been played by monks.

Actual gameplay, to put simply is a rhythm system where you tap or press the controls to stay in the beat of the numerous songs that have been made. Songs include The World is Mine and many others. Although Sega produced the game, I feel they got a lot of help from YouTubers who created various songs, so they would have some content to put into the game.

After you play the rhythm game and succeed, you are granted MP for what I can only assume stands for “Miku Points”. With these points, you can take your Vocaloid idols out on dates and buy them treats such as sushi. Not to mention you can decorate the apartment you share with the Vocaloid, as well.hatsune-miku-3ds

Speaking of which, at the beginning of the game you are instructed to pick a Vocaloid with whom to share an apartment (although you can change it later). I personally picked Luca because I believe she is the coolest of the bunch.

Besides all this, the rhythm game ends up coming off as a Vocaloid dating sim quite a bit apart from any actual romance with automatons. You can give them money to spend on things, you can make them do little dances the way you want, and perform your very own songs as well. The game even doubles as an alarm clock if you want to have your partner wake you up.011

However, despite all this, I think the most fun I have with the game is when it comes to shopping. Since the title has been made by Sega, you know you are going to get reference material for their blue blur (you can buy a Sonic statue for your apartment, for example). But the bit that had me laughing the most is the fact they did their research on fan-created things such as the Luca takoyaki ball. For those who are not familiar with takoyaki, it’s an Octopus ball they serve in Japan.

If you end up having an apartment with a bathtub, you can actually put her little squid self into the tub to play around and such. The fact that they have that in here just makes the game a lot more fun.

All in all, if a rhythm game is your thing, then this title is worth getting. There are a lot of side things to keep you occupied when you get bored, as well as various other games you can play. Project Mirai DX is honestly a game that I really enjoyed, and will probably keep enjoying for quite a while.


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