So, trying out Prison Simulator, and I have to say without; a doubt, one of the most ridiculous simulators out there. And Prison Simulator is among my top picks. I’m not talking about Prison Architect either, but Prison Simulator. When you start Prison Simulator you have an opportunity to go into as much detail as you want about the inmates you’ll be dealing with while you’re working at the Prison.

bed check in Prison SimulatorYou can name them and even create what gangs they’ll be. Want to give your game a more personal touch? You can make a few of your friends in Prison Simulator. You can give them scars, tattoos, etc, all of that is within your power. Now you’re an officer of the law tasked with keeping the inmates in order by any means necessary. If you want to accomplish this; you can do one of two things.

Bludgeon inmates with a baton, or shoot them with a taser! And if that doesn’t work, get into a fistfight with anyone who dares talk back to your authority. There are also peaceful options; that surprisingly work as well, so really the choice is left up to you and how you want to affect your reputation in the game. Now I’ll level with you after playing Prison Simulator I can’t figure out what the reputation does.

Beat your friends with the Baton in Prison Simulator

There has been some debate about it on the Discussion threads on Steam. But as a whole, I’ve not encountered any differences in gameplay while playing. So reputation with the other Prison Guards or Inmates might not have any effect on gameplay, while others are saying that it affects the chance of a riot.

As a Prison Guard, your task is to keep the Prison in order during the game. You’ll have to do various tasks that will either raise or lower the reputation among the inmates and other guards. Some tasks are easy and others tasks; are much more difficult. It depends on what you’re doing.

You’ll be watching security cameras for one minute and ordering other Prison Guards around to take care of rowdy inmates. You’ll even be in charge of taking select prisoners to the workshop so they can work and earn money for the Prison because, and I’m guessing with this. The prison in Prison Simulator is in America and just like most prisons in America, they’ll put you to work. Then at other times, you’ll be searching their mail for any illegal contraband that might come in such as drugs, needles, etc.

Everything you do in Prison Simulator is either player chosen, or you let the game decide what you will do but, you’ll have to follow through with it. But in between your appointed tasks, you have free time.

During your free time, you can do things to improve your stats to help with your tasks during the game. You could head outside and exercise in the yard to improve your strength, take some side missions delivering mail across the Prison to improve your stamina. But let’s not forget the most important thing about being in a Prison, making bets with other Prison Guards during a game of darts!Prison fights in Prison Simulator

There is just a lot to do in Prison Simulator, and honestly, it’s quite a lot of fun! Despite; it being a simulation game it doesn’t drag a player down with bloated game mechanics that would make it tedious, drawn-out, and boring.

The gameplay in Prison Simulator is actively engaging even during its slow moments and it gives you a lot of leeways while you play through the story. So far I’ve never been penalized for the time I spent playing it and it ends up being more task orientated than time-oriented instead. Which for me ends up being a big part of its charm and it’s why I’ve been having a good time playing the game.

I should mention the one big negative thing with Prison Simulator, and it’s the weird inclusion of a head bob. Your character’s head will bob around as you walk. And it is the most disorienting thing I’ve ever encountered in any game I’ve ever played, ever. What do you mean he is innocent?

Given that, they do give you the option to disable it on startup. I find it so weird that it’s worth mentioning in terms of a gameplay mechanic I’ve never seen such a thing, ever I should also note that they got a Twitch Integration mode! So, if you happen to be a streamer you can integrate your Twitch account into the game! This allows your subscribers to control the actions of the Prisons as well, just to make the game a bit more entertaining!

Conclusion; it’s a simulation game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a good simulation game should in my opinion, and because of this. I would recommend Prison Simulation easily to anyone who wants; to just have some casual and hilarious fun.

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