pressuredPressured is a high-speed puzzle game in which you must click on numerals 1 through 9 quickly, or suddenly die. Actually, all you have to do is click on the numbers so as to add up to a target total, shown in the top-left corner. This has to be done before the thermometer on the right-hand side of the screen blows its stack. If you can reach the target five times in quick succession, you advance to the next round!

In the following diagram, for example, the target number reads “29”. You must therefore click on central digits until they add up to 29. This is not easy, as the digits are in constant flux. Additionally, cartoon-style bombs flit in and out of the puzzle board. Should you click on a bomb by mistake, your target in progress is reset and you must begin from scratch. All the while, the thermometer is getting hotter and hotter.Pressured-3 The puzzle board does offer more than just pitfalls. Digits “8” and “9” stand out prominently in blue font, making it easier to get started on larger targets. The green “x2” icon will immediately double whichever digit you clicked last. This can be handy, but be careful not to “bust” over the target.

Another element to be aware of is this: Whichever digit you choose to complete a target becomes unavailable on the next board; it turns into a bomb. This may not sound so bad, but remember that there are five boards per round; so one digit will always be missing on each!

So is Pressured worth it? Indeed, Yes.  It’s addictive and really gets your blood racing. I use it instead of that third cup of coffee in the morning. The only thing missing are Steam achievements. Speed-puzzle games are great candidates for this feature since achievements are actually earned by the player; not copied and pasted from YouTube.

-Chris Roberts-

Pressured Scale

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