Now, not very often do you find a game that visually gets you excited and delivers. Poncho is a game about a robot at the end of the world. Like, we’re all dead and robots inherit the earth. I absolutely love this game, and for me, it is right up there with FEZ in its level of greatness. It has the vibrant foliage you would expect when Earth has been overtaken by robots.

Now a bit about the story and how the game works. You clear stages to advance the story and well, as I said everyone on Earth is dead. We died, probably painfully because there are a lot of flames in the game’s intro. Poncho09

The protagonist is a little square robot named Poncho and he wears a red little poncho (the game designer was incredibly inventive in that department). The game plays like a typical sidescroller where you jump onto things and climb over things to advance, but it also has a unique twist which made me love it.

You have three platforms onto which you jump, trying to get past things. It’s like playing Super Mario Brothers. The entire stage is actually three different stages and you must play on them all to get by. It does get a tiny bit confusing and the controls really mess me up because I can’t remember which one is the outward platform and which is the distance platform. But that is part of its charm and why I love it. It brings a new degree of challenge to an old-school design and is incredibly innovative. I also really enjoyed the music in the game.Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 17.41.49

The only real issue I had with Poncho though is that during the tutorial if you die or open the menu before it teaches you a game mechanic, you can never perform that game mechanic; a slight issue. But by the time this is posted, it should be fixed.

I genuinely commend the game developers who made this title. It took time, it took effort and they really went above and beyond to ensure flawlessness in almost every conceivable way. It truly shows in this game.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants something pixelated, and retro, and loves sidescrollers. Even if you don’t love those things, I recommend this title to you anyway because it truly is a one-of-a-kind experience, if you want to give it a try you can find it on Steam!


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