headerEver want to be an architect? Want to design buildings and places that people will live in or work in? Well, then Poly Bridge is probably not for you. But it can help give you an idea of what you would be in for if you took that route.

Poly bridge is a development game where you create bridges to solve various problems such as getting across a lake, a ravine, or a river but at the same time, he gives you some pretty crazy challenges like jumping over a 15m gap to get from one side or the other.

The game itself is quite fun and it teaches you everything you need to know to play the game and the basics of bridge building in the game so you aren’t going in blind and not knowing what to do. ABBA806244D8DA939033F176CAFD9E52CC3B989AYou progress then by completing each stage by solving the various puzzle it gives you whether it be simply making a single bridge to get across or a draw bridge. However, after the tutorial session is over it is up to you to create your own bridges and then make it across.

It even gives you the opinion to save your bridge attempt as a GIF so you can show it off to your friends on Tumblr. That’s right you can write about your success or failure in your personal blog for the world to see or laugh at your choice really.

I have tried to make some simple bridges as was quite good at it but the moment the tutorial was over and I had to make a jump for my bike to clear. All things then went to hell as I spent a good twenty minutes trying to figure out how to solve the problem at hand and any thoughts I had about this game being easy were quickly lost.2015-07-01_00004

Don’t get me wrong the game is extremely fun and quite addicting kinda like Besiege but after a while and sitting here with bloodshot eyes wondering what I have done wrong I decided it was time for a break. In the end, I still had a lot of fun and I recommend the game to anyone who has a few dollars laying around and want a good fun time-killing game.

There was nothing about the game I didn’t like and I will try to build bridges even though I know I absolutely suck at it, if you want to check out Poly Bridge it’s on Steam!



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