Poly Bridge 2 logoThe most unexpected of sequels we have Poly Bridge 2, is exactly like the first iteration and equally as fun. Poly Bridge 2 is a great physics-inspired game that players create bridges in while trying to stay within their allotted budget.

Players have to tackle the situation much like real-world bridge builders would, having to accommodate for stress tests, structural integrity, stability, and overall usage for what type of vehicles will be crossing under and over it.Poly Bridge 2 bridge designs

The best way to tackle these issues is to straight-up send people to their death, in an endlessly repeating cycle to ensure that the bridge is built properly and will maintain stability as you attempt to complete the level, or to put simply; the game is massive amounts of fun.

high flying ramps in Poly Bridge 2Very few games tackle such concepts in a way that is both fun and irritating to play or even watch others play where you can actively laugh at them for failing so hard. Poly Bridge 2 takes a lot of what made the original Poly Bridge fun and amps it up with a cleaner layout, while also staying true to the core of the original game.

Poly Bridge 2 like the first continues to pave the way for a more interesting style of puzzle-solving games, taking into account real-world physics and applying them to a format that is both secretively educational and hilarious amounts of fun. But don’t tell anyone that it could be used in an educational sense because then people may try to force it upon some student ruining any joy that could be had in it.a collapsing bridge in Poly Bridge

As a person who enjoys such light-hearted puzzle games I’ve found the game very enjoyable and have sunk a decent amount of time into it, but I think the best aspect of the game is the leaderboards since Poly Bridge 2 is listed on Steam, the leader boards compare the scores of each player and post it online to see who can build the most stable bridges for the least amount of money.

If you’ve ever had a competitive group of friends this would be a wonderful game to play against them, being able to challenge the people in your communities and across the world to see who can build the most stable bridge while keeping costs to a minimum, to keep raising the stakes as to who is the best builder.

If you’re a fan of the original Poly Bridge game and want an upgrade and continuous challenges I recommend the sequel to you. It’s good fun, and for me, it’s a pretty good game.

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