Phogs logoPhogs is one of those obscure games that at first glance might look simple, but after playing it. Phogs logo sleepy time stageIt’s something that is very enjoyable and it’s even better if you bring a friend along for the fun.

You see, Phogs is a co-op game where each of you controls one-half of the character similar to Octodad if you’re playing with a friend. Except in this case you’re fighting for control in between trying to solve puzzles. Unless you’re not playing with people from our community In which case congrats! You have more cohesion and teamwork than my friends and I.

The character you play is reminiscent of cat dog almost from the old nickelodeon show cat dog but is infinitely much cuter with its simple art-style it’s this same art-style. It’s that same art style that is used for all the stages and overall design of Phogs.

Because of its simple visual design, the game brings a very light-hearted atmosphere that gives the feeling of a calming and relaxing atmosphere with a slight undertone of silliness.

Truthfully the atmosphere also depends on if you’re playing with a friend in my case I brought one along and it soon became very chaotic with bone jokes, and us chasing balls around the various stages throughout Phogs.Solving puzzles with friends

The music of Phogs is very calming giving off that feeling of a lofi beats you’d expect to fall asleep too from a YouTube video, just so relaxing and peaceful.

Looking closely at the gameplay aspect of Phogs it focuses more on solving puzzles with the various I want to say, magical abilities the character has such as stretching, barking, biting things, and growling. Playing alone the game is fairly easy as a lot of the puzzles are simple at least from my perspective. Phogs can bring even more fun if you play with a friend online or in person.

As you progress through Phogs you will encounter various different worlds each with unique rules and mechanics that can change the type of problems you will face. But besides this fact, you will also encounter bones and other hidden objects which can be used to purchase cosmetics for your character.

You can purchase tiny hats, glasses, and various other random cosmetics such as a candle to wear on your hat to dress up your Phog in a style best fitting you or differentiate yourself from the other half your friend might be dressed as.

As a whole game Phogs is a very unique and fun game in comparison to all the games out there in the market Phogs for me takes a special place in my heart, not because one of my friends helped work on the animation for this title. But because of how relaxing it is, how calming it is.Adventuring with your friends

In a world where games focus solely on violence, guns, and customizing how big your penis can be.

Phogs is a unique game where violence isn’t a solution instead it’s just about solving problems while you can relax and take it easy. It’s for this reason that I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone of all ages.

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