Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of JusticeThe court is back in session and with it comes a new Phoenix Wright title! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice now I for one am actually quite a fan of the series and have played some previous titles before on road trips with my parents.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of JusticeNow back with all his friends and colleagues court is heating up like never before as a Phoenix lands in a mystical land filled with spirit mediums and no defense attorneys and he begins to stand up for his newest friend and finds himself in a bind.

With the story unfolding Phoenix learns that if he loses a case where he will meet the same fate as the people he is defending which can be a quick and painful death. But don’t worry if he does die he can spend his time in the Twilight realm with everyone who also was killed or has died before.Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice

Because living in the land of spirits is fun and exciting, but seriously the game has an amazing story with a vast array of characters to call on and talk to. That helps just add more depth to the franchise in new exciting cases that will intrigue you and boggle your minds.

I found the musical score of the game equally enjoyable and great for setting the tone to the newest cases such as the first case with hippie heavy metal Jesus.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of JusticeNow the game itself takes not only the team you have made from the previous titles but also compiles everything you have learned or should have learned up to that point with flawless integration and if you are new to the series as well the game gives you the opportunity to learn about all the features in it with quick and very precise tutorials to make things easier for everyone.

So players who have never touched a Phoenix Wright title can start with this one if they wanted to and jump right into the action by yelling objection into your microphone and slamming their hands down on your desk.Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice

In conclusion, though the game is perfect in both its design aspect from its controls to its music, and even to the story it has a great array of characters to watch and interact with. It ends up being one of the best Phoenix Wright titles I have ever played and I would highly recommend it to anyone whether they are old fans or newcomers.

Capcom has really outdone itself with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice and is innovative with new styles of games. I wish at times they would pay more proper attention to their blue bomber but that’s an article for another day.



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