Before FortniteThis review was done before Fortnite became a battle royale and it represents what the game was at the time of its conception. Fortnite is a fun, fast, and very addictive game, From green rabbits with guns to grumpy muscle men cutting their way out of a city eating a worm. Epic games know how to deliver a quality experience. 3rd person action, unique abilities, looting, crafting, a plot, zombies, exploration, base building, a skill tree, traps, and tower defense. Topped off by the ability to play with 3 other people in glorious cooperation.

If you got through all of that you’re probably a tad confused. Fortnite is one of those games that combine many great gameplay elements into one polished and mostly bug-free package. The graphics are colorful, with a cartoon-like art direction and over-exaggerated features. Which makes for an exceedingly nice combination. The music is fairly a fairly okay fare, with several dynamic tunes, depending on the action. They’re there and they sound okay, but ultimately they are very forgettable. For some reason, Fortnite is very fond of whooping the butt of various loot pinata llamas.


Which talks a lot and is brutally decapitated in a shower of candy and schematics. Before Fortnite The most efficient and best way to unlock new heroes and weapons that can be built during the missions. Unfortunately, this is quite much luck based. Normally I loathe zombies, as they are the most bland, rotten, and boring enemy imaginable aside from annoying bats. Before FortniteHowever, this game fixes that by throwing a lot of variation and special enemies that will rip you a new orifice.

Plus that they gain various nasty elements later on. That being said, the game does contain a quite bit of grinding. Which will drag out the game a lot, so that is something to keep in mind. It is a time sink, a very addictive time sink. That being said many missions bring a lot of new elements and modifiers to keep things fresh.

Combined with a randomly generated terrain. As I mentioned earlier tower defense is an important aspect of Fortnite.

Most maps have an objective to defend, otherwise, the relentless horde will destroy it. That’s why manufactured traps and walls can be built all over the place to stop the scourge from getting through too fast. Buildings can be built anywhere as long as one has enough materials. Not to mention the storm shield, which is the main base of operation, that can be built up any way you like. An arena that has to be defended at least 10 times during the story mode. Which is another nice thing about the game, it has a fully voiced story mode with quirky characters and an over-enthusiastic robot. In conclusion a good game, with many nice qualities, with quite a bit of grinding. The most negative aspect of the game thus far is that most ability powers are way too weak or short-lived.

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Njål Sand is a Norwegian Cosplayer with opinions on video games, and a passionate for creating content on YouTube about living in Norway, and gaming!
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