We’ve all played Counter-Strike or at least heard about it by this point. Pavlov is in its essence Counter-Strike but all in virtual reality (VR) and it is without a doubt one of the best VR games. That I have ever played and out of the shooter variety of games I’ve played it still remains my top pick. But there is a single solitary problem with Pavlov and despite this being a review. I feel it may also create issues because from my standpoint it’s a fun shooter. But from a military perspective, it gives accuracy into a world most civilians don’t have access to and that is the problem.

Pavlov GUNPLAYPavlov takes an approach to its combat in a very realistic manner in all areas of interest except keeping the health system commonly found in Counter-Strike. When it comes to the use of the weapons the players have the ability to learn how to aim with them, shoot with them, and even reload the weapons. The weapon’s depiction and accuracy is almost spot-on and outside of this gamers enjoy it. The point of concern I just wish to make before we continue is that. Mainstream Media such as Fox News and other outlets if they are to ever catch on to a game like this could be damning.

My personal take on Pavlov is that it’s a wonderful VR game. It blends the love of firearms and the mechanics of Counter-Strike into a seamless competitive shooter. Where players can snipe, shoot, and maim each other to their heart’s content. The only factor that gives the separation between gameplay and reality is the fact the player cannot feel the back blast or the explosions from grenades. Given time and the development therein we can only suspect how long until these factors. Are taken into account for gameplay, perhaps the United States Government is already working on it? Who knows.

If you want a list of firearms you can use and fire within Pavlov you can check out its wiki page here. Besides the variety of guns in it, you the player have at your disposal a variety of scopes, sights, and other attachments to improve weapon stability. Much like how you would in real-life scenarios and weapons. Just like in Counter-Strike, you can also purchase these items and body armor and helmets to improve your probability of living through each round. Pavlov even takes into account that ammo, when loaded into some weapons, is locked in place and for other weapons, it’s not. Teammates and enemies alike can use this to their advantage or simply if they want to troll you by pulling the loaded ammo from your weapon.

more Pavlov gunplayThis is where in my opinion Pavlov succeeds the most, the interaction with other players. Pavlov takes that casual anger people in competitive games normally have and in almost every situation it turns into humor. Because it alleviates that raw aggression a player would generally experience towards another by not only making that player engage with them in a more physical manner albeit over a network. Knowing that one player or another is going to die and in which case they do more often than not it would be a silly death.

This silliness that Pavlov creates from interacting with other players is the driving force for me as to why the game is great fun. As well as why the game is very taxing on me physically having to take twenty-minute breaks at a time. It’s also where players who have had the prior military experience can shine.

Will I be the only person who sees the game as just that? A simple game where players can have fun, enjoy themselves and also manage to get some exercise in the progress. Of course, sure! But anytime a game comes along that puts the effort in for a more realistic effect. The consequences could be catastrophic for the game and industry as a whole take for example. Several years ago today there was a terrorist attack in Norway and Call of Duty was what took the main hit from this. Pavlov Gunplay gifEven the Sandy Hook massacre was blamed on video games and I have even personally gone on record that I think mainstream media is biased in this approach. The more accurately a game depicts weapons it always leaves itself open to the very harshest of criticisms and the concerns thereof.

Where I can pick up my Oculus Rift, load up Pavlov VR from my Steam Library, and just have some fun. Casually blowing up my friends in a manner that is both hilarious and destructive, we understand that it’s just a simple VR Game. But people attach themselves to a bias that fits more along the lines of what they think is right. Because of reasons like this games will always come under scrutiny and people will always lose out on what could be.

Until that time I enjoy Pavlov it’s a fun take on what Valve could do next with the Counter-Strike franchise and despite not being tied to it at all. Pavlov shows what Virtual Reality can do in both the good and the bad. So if a day ever comes when the mainstream media discovers Pavlov and tries to make it a scapegoat; we hope the developer stays steadfast in the same belief we have that games we play are not a tool for others to push their personal bias.


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