Party Hard is to put it simply a retro-styled game about basically murdering who disturbing the peace, your peace. We all have those moments where the only thing that we want to do is just rest, either after work, partying, or just some me time. In Party Hard, you play a serial killer who can’t get what he wants. So he decides to go on a mass killing spree to bring about the peace he is wanting.Party Hard logo

Gameplay is pretty straightforward forward you play the serial killer and you can set up traps, and stab people the only catch is. If you are around the people you murder, you will become prime suspect number one when the police are called. So your best bet is to stick the blame on someone else while staying oblivious. This can sometimes be harder than it lets on, but the game presents you with numerous opportunities to utilize.

Stages apart from the tutorial are randomly generated so each time it reloads. You can interact with new traps to set up everyone’s quick and hopefully painful death. Some traps however do remain unchanged due to the type of stages they are placed in. Such as in the first stage of being a fraternity there is always a punch bowl, and a stove you can rig to explode or poison everyone with. As you continue to play there are a variety of characters you can unlock with interesting skills and abilities. That you can use at your disposal to help clear the stage as quickly as you can. I wonder if anyone will notice my pun at the end of the article?

In terms of inspiration, the game focuses on the aspect of serial killings while staying true to the roots. That all the player wanted was some peace and rest and he was pushed too far. Which then begs the question. “How far would you go for some peace and quiet?”

Party Hard is a unique game experience like Hotline Miami the only key difference being that you’re committing mass murder at a slower pace with the same finesse that you’d expect from Micheal Myers or Ghost Face. Even though the game isn’t big on the 3D element you can get a lot of gameplay from it in its 2D perspective with unlockable characters and the uniqueness it brings to murdering people.

I’m personally not even big on the retro look and I’ve found myself enjoying slaughtering all the helpless lambs to the point where I am wondering if what I am doing is healthy, before you know. Ultimately setting up the stove to blow everyone up again and shrugging it off as if it’s nothing. The best part is Party Hard doesn’t even have a large file size or needs much to play! Because of this older computers and even laptops can still enjoy this game.

Conclusion time, do I think Party Hard is worth picking up in my experience? Absolutely, even with my hating on 2D games because of the pixelation. Party Hard is fun, enjoyable, and a great time killer with a nice story. But most of all it has an amazing soundtrack I can listen to when I am working on things like writing this review!

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