Now we have played a variety of games here, some of which stick out to us and others that fall into the shadows, hardly to be thought of again. However, One Night Stand is definitely a game that stands out, and not just because of its name! In the game, you start out as a man who has just woke One Night Standn up in a bed (completely naked, mind you, but you obviously don’t see that or it wouldn’t be offered on Steam).

You soon realize that you’re a total dick, having left all your friends at the bar so you could go back and have wild sex with a random girl you met, whose name you can’t remember. Now, like many story-based games, this one plays out where you have various options, and you can choose how to respond to certain things. During my initial play through, I was a total nice guy whom the random girl never wanted to meet again. But I know from watching others that there are other endings you can have.

The artwork for the game is pretty unique, and it really stands out to me, given that the format they were using is that found in visual novels. There are added bits of animation here and there to give it a unique appeal that not many games generally have. The music is fairly non-existent, but we don’t really hold that against the creator, as it isn’t one of the main focal points of the game.

The character and story are overall fairly interesting, and it’s kind of fun to see the interaction between the two…although you never see the guy’s face, and you only find his clothes on the ground, scattered about the girl’s bedroom. For a visual novel, I must say the game is truly unique in how it handles things, and its simplistic look is really quite charming. When I spoke to the artist about the design of the game, I was intrigued even more by how she came up with it. The actual idea came to me on a tram journey. I saw a single guy who looked hungover and wondered what his story was. The art style was inspired by other visual novel games, such as Hotel Dusk.

Truthfully, though, I find this game to be unique and charming, and I hope everyone who reads this gets to play it at least once.

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