Not For Broadcast logoNot for Broadcast is all about timing and controlling the situation and that is what makes this game one of the most challenging games I’ve ever played the game is about knowing what to do and when to do it as the core focus.

broadcasting station in Not For BroadcastWhere some games give you a complex narrative and a series of puzzles to solve; Not for Broadcast takes the approach of putting you in charge and watching everyone else screw up in a hilarious and very cynical sense of being able to ruin people’s careers just by switching a camera too early or not at all.

Learning the controls is hard and it’s difficult but that is what makes Not for Broadcast as fun as it is. Because the game is about messing up and having fun doing it while also making other people look bad.

Not for Broadcast is one of these very unique games where it focuses solely on just the gameplay aspect of its game and everything else takes backstage as it were. The controls, however, are on point which is very much appreciated in this type of game but if you’re looking for a game with the wondrous background music it doesn’t exist here. Not For Broadcast because its gameplay involves a lot of audio cues and visual cues these factors take precedence in creating the atmosphere of the game.

But despite all this one of the best things about Not for Broadcast is the chance to replay old stages to get all the extra clips, tidbits, and everything else you could miss in your first playthrough so you can get full enjoyment and replayability from it.Not for Broadcast playback notes

Not for Broadcast is one of the more unique games we’ve played as it’s both a great means to kill time and have a few good laughs while playing it. One of the even more unique features of the game is that it doesn’t use pre-generated characters or 3D models but it uses real footage shot in front of a camera. Much like how a real studio would be airing footage that they shot earlier; this is one of the many amazing things TinyBuild and the Game Developer NotGames have done to create a more realistic approach toward their game Not for Broadcast.

With all the effort they’ve put into making a unique game, I would say it has paid off as Not for Broadcast maintains that charm and uniqueness that many games don’t have. Helping the indie developers shine as both a creative company and Tiny Build for helping develop such a wonderful game.

If you’re interested in picking up Not for Broadcast it does come with my recommendation, it’s a challenging fun game that is sure to drive anyone mad, but it will also make you laugh as you purposely screw up people’s lives for the funzies.

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